Admit, you just read the title in a James Bond Voice? I did 🙂

I have been a brunette my whole life. I always wanted to know if the good old fashion saying ‘blondes have more fun’ was true and not just an episode of Baywatch swaying the worlds judgement, how I loved that show. Bring back Baywatch! Anyway, before we get completely side tracked. Unfortunately for me going blonde was never going to happen. My deep dark chocolate brown hair has way too many red undertones and would mean I would end up looking more like I was a mascot for Duracell batteries. Aside my many attempts of going down the light side. I do however have a best friend who Is blonde. Every blonde needs her brunette and every brunette needs her blonde! Tongued tied? No stayed focused on this beauty, because I need to introduce to you all Kerastase new BLOND ABSOLU….


Kerastase first routine specifically designed for blonde hair. No need to settle, this range provides both instant repair and neutralisation to remove brassy tones. Yes, you read that correct! All from just one range. So, in case you are still wondering, let me excite you some more


. Immediate anti-brass action

. 8x Shiner hair

. 94% Stronger hair

. 92% More hydrated hair


So, my best friend was about to have the time of her life in the luxury of her own shower. With the company of her new favourite purple accessory, BLOND ABSOLU.  Patiently waiting for that YES YES  moment, I noticed a difference in her blonde locks and so did Lady M (my bestie). We now call it the blonde routine.  Did I mention the smell?  OH, HOW EVER SO AMAZING!!


Hair was day is now Lady M favourite beauty routine. Every hair wash makes her feel and look good. Blonding has no limits, when you have the right products to preserve the health of your hair.


So, my verdict is simple. If you have blonde hair and want to always look like something from a glossy magazine cover, then you need BLOND ABSOLU. Let’s putt the OO in your LA LA. In this case, blondes do have more fun!


For a full Kerastase range, come into our salon for a free product consultation.


From Un Petite Village called Warlingham With Love

Au Revoir!




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