Today’s Forecast ….. Sunshine mixed with a little Dennis

//Today’s Forecast ….. Sunshine mixed with a little Dennis

Today’s Forecast ….. Sunshine mixed with a little Dennis

Who is fed up with this Great British Weather? Dennis really did let us know he arrived. I’ve never got on with a Dennis anyway, this Dennis caused enough damage to my property. Why do things look different in the winter? Not a good different, Gardens look sad, the skies are always grey, the moods on most people are glum and I’m not sure about you, but my hair in the winter screams…. HELP ME, I’AM BEING ABUSED! There should be a 0800 help line for hair abuse… heating tools, cold weather, over styling the list is endless! However, I like to remain positive! With my positive attitude, I came across a fantastic hair treatment that literally put back the life in my neglected hair. Honestly, this treatment made my hair feel so clean and super shinny. It didn’t even feel like my own hair. Those of you that would play with dolls when you were younger, well remember when you would open the box and the dolls hair was so silky and smooth? That’s how my hair felt!!


My Experience

Arriving to M&L, I was offered a menu of cocktails…sorry treatments. They all sounded amazing, but I wasn’t sure which one was the best for me. My stylist was very professional with the consultation, asking me about my lifestyle and my hair routine. After analysing my hair, he recommended me the Kerastase Fusio-Scrub followed K-Water by Kerastase.

The Fusio-Scrub has been developed to deeply cleanse the scalp and the hair from pollution particles and sebum. This part of the treatment was so relaxing, the gentle massage, the texture of the scrub, I could already tell my hair felt so much cleaner. The next stage was the K-Water. After my hair was towel dried, K-Water was added all over my hair then stylist worked their magic with another relaxing massage. My hair was then blow dried beautifully by my stylist.


The Result was superb…. My hair was so super shiny and even better, so healthy looking! Flawless finish in a flash!!

Weather permitting, I will most definitely be having the treatment more often.

Georgia – 1

Dennis – 0


Au Revoir




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